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An expertise and engineering department in France and around the World
Based on an Innovation and Competitiveness Method

COJIT guides you in studies, design, implementation, management, monitoring of your industrial projects,
Respecting a custom-made approach Innovation and Competitiveness

The innovation, the development, the optimization and the competitiveness are at the heart of our strategy.
We continuously try to develop and design products and industrial processes of tomorrow, the industry 4.0.

Turnkey solutions
COJIT can answer to an immediate or future need of your company. Our collaboration can enter into the framework of a one-time intervention or into the continuity according to your needs

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Industrial engineering

→ Expertise – Audit
→ R&D – Study & Design
→ Projet management

Smart Industry

→ R&D Process
→ Industrial innovation
→ Industry of the future


Industrial Optimization

→ Lean Manufacturing
→ Equipement modification
→ Production lines – Special Machine
→ Industry of the future