Industrial optimization 

Lean manufacturing
Equipment modification
Production lines – Special Machine
Industry of the future

Lean Manufacturing 

Optimize your productions

You want to limit the waste, reduce stocks and costs, you also wish to optimize, increase and/or make your production process reliable ?

COJIT is there to provide you with the tools and guide you in your Lean approach.

Thanks to our Lean engineers’ team, we set up tools (5S, Kaizen, FMECA, etc.), ensure a follow up within your company in order to provide you with the keys to performance, regarding the productivity, the optimization and the quality.

Equipment modification

Make facilities reliable and perfect them

You need to modernize and/or to restore the standards of your base of machines in order to increase your production ?

COJIT is there for you.

The optimization of a workstation is important and is part of the continual improvement within the organization. It allows assessing determinants of ergonomics, especially in terms of work organization, operating procedures, equipment and tools as well as work environment. COJIT will suggest you solutions to improve the workstation ergonomics.

Thanks to our network of experts, we provide you with technical solutions in order to modernize, change and improve your tools and production workstations at lower cost.

Production lines – Special Machine

Develop industrial processes

You are looking for a partner able to guide you in the definition and the development of your production equipment and tools ?

COJIT, thanks to the experience and the know-how accumulated by its team in mechanical and industrial engineering, guides and proposes you a global and technical offer, from design following specifications, to the manufacture and the commissioning of capital goods, special machine, production lines, tooling.

Industry of the future

Connect, digitise, control, and perform

With its know-how in Lean Manufacturing, Cojit guides you responding to new industrial issues in terms of economic and operational performances.

Today, the machine parks are able to provide precise data, collected and treated thanks to powerful software. Our partner’s technology, with its cyber-physical system, allows us going even further, keeping the operator at the heart of the evolution strategy.

With Cojit, reach the operational excellence with the continuous improvement.