Smart industry

R&D Process
Industrial innovation
Industry of the future

R&D Process

Identify and propose solutions

Fortified by its experience in the industry through several business lines, COJIT guides you in the research and the development of innovative industrial processes.

Enjoying a wide network of expert partners and working in close collaboration with your teams, we develop production processes according to your specifications note. From R&D, through the study, the design (including validation steps), to the industrialization and the production, we can take charge of a part or of the whole project.

Industrial innovation

Find today the answers of tomorrow

With COJIT, enter the age of the industry of the future, the age of the connected and smart industry.

The innovation is at the heart of our development strategy. To this end, we guide you in the development and the innovation of new products and new smart processes.

We use connected and digital technologies, in order to answer in the best way to new stakes and to new requirements in terms of industrial performances, the industry 4.0.

We are continuously looking for developing and integrating those new technologies, which will make your future.

The Industry of the future

Adopt the Smart Industry

The Cojit expertise in industrial process and the integration of the unique revolutionary beacon of our partner, GLIAL TECHNOLOGY, now allows you monitoring a smart and agile workshop, entirely connected and dedicated to your needs within your company.

The machines communicate with one another thanks to the implementation of new Man/machine interfaces and a custom-made monitoring; the whole can be piloted on a numerical tablet.

Now let’s develop together innovative and adapted solutions, according to your expectations in terms of Production, Quality and Maintenance.